Join Us: Dying Man

We kindred spirits shine on for everyone.
It is easy for all of them not to see us.

It's better if you dream if you really want to reach us.
With a pillow next to your head and waiting for the bus.
It only goes to show the pain of a ordinary man will hurt so deep.
With every color of man how can you be so small?
He is your son.
He is your son!
He is your son!!
We travel too fast to feel the moon, you can too when you see us.
A line has been drawn in your hand.
Now you want to fall and crawl into our mines. Turning aside the wave near us.
What else is there to do but join us.
Only to have a sweet sorrow without you.
That is the way It'll be.
You've always seen us all though the town.
Going up and down in a line on a falling star.>br? So you need to make a call that won't be all right.
In the autuum trees you know you can always fly for free.
So why don't you want to be as one, keeping your perch away from the distant sky.
With turbulance in your wings.
While teasing other birds to go north.
To know what to be just take a look at us.
He is your son.
He is your son!
He is your son!!
Don't you want to be like the flowers next to the breeze with us.
On top of the grave.
He reached for nothing.

You stood to shoot the dying breed.
Howling with your brothers without shame.
Turning the light onward.
All down your family line is a unending twist.
He was your son!
He was your son!!
He was your son!!!
Even if you're "old fashioned" How can you cash it in?
We don't collect a sale.
It does seem so real that you could be so cruel.
But you know the business!
When you were created, you should have been bated all over the wall instead.
Now who wants to crawl near us.
Singularly we hear you putting up no fuss, so come on join us.
He is still your son.
He is still your son!
He is still your son!!
Even if he is the hidden one.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Chance To See

All I really got to do is look up the hill.
To romance the murder.
That's where they show it.
Each summer and spring night.
It's not breaking news to me.
That our minds are just victims in line waiting to see.
Desenitized victimizatoin;
I want to explore a new avenue.
but that's what sells.
Why don't you smear yourself in blood?
How do you feel?
That's what is being done, on the screen.
Big and small.
Where do we go from here?
We don't need to change the rules.
It's just its own prophecy.
Which can be made by anyone like you and me.
When we've got the doctors preserving death.
But what is there soon to watch?
Headless Toadstools?
Not even Mickey Mouse Land.
Once you start, the mob won't let you stop.

That's what I see.
The damages.
The cost never stops counting.
It just gives you a chance to see.
It just gives you a chance to see.
It just gives you a chance to see.

Copyright 1997
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved


Don't worry 'bout me, I just sit here and fester in the sun.
Remembering whe I last saw your face.
Hitting the telephone pole.
After a wild turn of a corner.
In my mind you never were lost.
Now it is my time, I want your help.
I just wanna be like you.

Set free at last.
I'm still young, caught up in a memory.
It left me stunned.
The sight haunts me each day and every night.
I guess no one can slow down the traffic signs.
Last night I rolled and burned.
Please help me.
You were the one, last time around.
Took the scene out my head oh so clean.
I am sixteen,
A bit over six foot tall.
But I'm not to old to beg and crawl.

I don't have anything to really exclaim,
I just want to feel the same.
Treatments come and go.
But you always seen to look over the point I showed you.
We only have one soul.
Danny lost his in the runway.

Copyright 1997
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved