Hidden Horses

The glance of life has made it way into yet another human's eyes.
But the land is usless.
Images of plastic forms flash by night.
Food is hazardous to eat.

Suicide is a major factor of life.
Daughters will die before you.
Together we fall.
Rivers are full of blood from the animals.
Humans made a holocaust for all.
No chance to remember life.
The masses running from land to land keeping their sanity.
Having the sanity only to pass it to a dying generation.
Not daring to show their love.
No time for peace.
Abusing the land for the needs of one.
Believing in nothingless.
No reason to last.
Pouring the waste into the oceans.
Drying up the resources of survival.
Waiting for a change that will never be just for what it is worth.
The end has come and all will pay for their deeds as the planet earth explodes into space.
Those who think nuclear adventures are needed are the people that will push the end closer.
Boredom paves the way to diaster.
Contemplating survival for the happiness is away out not a way to stay.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved


The razor's rising ready to make its first strike.
The goal was to end.
It has been reached without a death.
Ruining the previous patterns used to cope with your existence.
Originate the new possibilities of the change you have pulled out on this find.
Beguile those around yourself.
You can now!
Recognize the avenues switch but the other drivers may not be on the same over passes.
Contemplae just for a while, that the change may come from within but what is seen is how it is really conveyed.
It started out of boredom in your life, draw on the beneficial parts of the disease.
Embracing the pain is the way to rid yourself of the guilt of carrying out the dirty deeds to allow the answers to be found out.
Take charge of the life given instead of only livin' it.
Forgive yesterdays;
Add new mistakes and grow.
Every riddle has a cage,
Trapped with a key.
With tragedy you will gain.
Power is not constant.
As you have already discovered ends are false, when you want to receive different directions at the same time.

The brain is the secret holder of that knowledge,
Not able to release the facts of the future yet.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Bancheweish [Insomnia]

Turning the gray matter into marble stone cliffs.
Reaching for the sky.
Touching hell's kitchen.
I've never been alive on the moutain.
Breaching the mound, climbing to survive.
Finding the holy man's store.
Within the plain all needed colors appear.
Slowing down the crime.
Watching the beast arrive in town.
Lurking in my mind.
Traveling behind my eyes all along.

Bending camels straightens up the day.
Seeing the everyday sun.
Bearing the truth until till it seeps out the soul in a never ending wine.
Sleeping to forget what is mine.
Beckoning the wind of tommorow.
Hoping for a bar.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

{Dedicated to the lasting memory of a friend of mine. TERRY REST IN PEACE!}