Grandma's Two

I am not your child, you are mine.
The control has gone too far a rye.
I just can't do all the things I did with ease everyday.
Gang up and have your power talks, will you.
Where does it say I gave up on living anyway?
We not I were on the good highway drive down the passing lane of enjoyment before you last arrived.
I didn't sale my dignity,
I only gave you power of attorney.
I didn't give up my life for you to take.
I've lived the better years of my life, my way,
Let Me Stay!
Let Me Stay!
Let Me Stay!
Just let me stay here with the woman I love just as much as your father before he left this world.
He would understand, Why can't you?
So my health right now is a slight problem.
Lila does take care of me.
We might not be teenagers but everything is getting taken care of.
Your happiness is what I lived for when you were here as a child.
Is the opposite so hard for you?
Stick me in the pine box now,
That's what you will be doing if we separate.
I gave you life, this is how you trade the favor?
That is what would have been said if the stroke had not taken my speech away.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Diary Of A Charger

When the peace falls I can't stand.
You sit down on your side getting bad rushes.
Abandoned in the wasteland, we commandeered as a life.
With its vigor replenished in the refuge of the expanded dream.
To only open the new doors.
The awakened tides clash, crash and stumble.
Boarders want to jam the country side.
The rush outside.
Levitated vacations.
Assorted views of the netherworld.
Sentimental journeys down that road.
Passing the trees ravaged by time.
Screams at the old man as he walks away.
Horses in thier stables.
Lovers bundled up in the grasses' morning dew.
Periodical changes to the cast and crew.
The wardrobe still fits you,
In the Asphalt jungle.
On another search weaving out of your control.
Helpless wonders flashin' by.
Brusing muscles on the rack.
Never mind the eruptions they'll only put you on line.
Everyones' calm in the worst of times.
Milking the path in every way.
On the last day the truth sheds its mask.
By living in two houses of no choice.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

The Only Answer Is Goat Cheese

The wrangler boy and good old Bob drinking in the lobby.
What are they groovin' on?
The message is clear.
What you see is not what you get but what you get is always what you see.
With a tarnished glance the kids strolled by.
It is not the algurated rhythms that warp the mind, but the basic rhythms that kill the soul.
With ease they slowly walked towards the door.
Everybody's holding but nobody has the cash.
You can always find what you want by looking in your face.
With this famous line he glanced once more.
They were gone!
Where was he?
Tell me the line and you will find them.
Tell me the answer and you'll hide them.

A Clue To Help Solve The Riddle:
I can't tell you the answer but I can help you by saying,
Every line is a clue.
Some have two and always remember where you are.
Remember what I've said and what I say for that isthe biggest
help I can give today.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved