Old Enamel

After the engines start,
It's Showtime.
Don't forget the memory of last night.
All caught up in the glory nevermore.
Stepping towards the door.
Who will win?
Beneath the soul is a level of pure cold.
The trophies are awarded and the spine will grow.
Always remember and never forget,
Time and space aren't finished yet.
Equal power to the question to receive the problem.
The pleaser will only do their worst.
You are my sabot.
For you haven't experienced my trickery.
You think you have the answer my friend.
You'll be lying and cryin' for the rest of your day.
Old enamel washes from you face.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved


Just an angry old man.
Troubled by time.
Confused by his generation.
Simply a tragedy of an earlier tyranny,
With the diverse wisdom.
Still searching.
One day keeping the faith in his own way.
Wickedness surrounds his land.
Continuing to breathe another days breath.
Only remembering to keep himself alive.
As the wheel chair strolls near,
He screams in fear and disgust.
With a complete step he moans and grasps for the caretaker.
A single graceless smack, she brought him to his knees.
His face did glow and his smile seemed bigger.
As the needle got deeper and higher.
There is no reason to be so sad for me.

Copyright 1998
Mark J. Hall
All Right Reserved

A Summer's Dream

The Moon set and the stars made their demise.
The train ride;
The train ride was remembered by the creaking moans,
Of all the cars on their side.
He arose, out of the mangled metal.
As if in a stupor.
Pouring out his pain in a visceral screech.
Soon another would stumble forth.
Stunned by the morning's dew.
She lost her control with gravity.
Her face now bludgeoned by the gravel covered embankment.
The tears embraced the draining blood.
He turned in her distance.
Lost in shock, his declining state staggered near.
Hearing the others scream with each step.
Confused anger filled his psyche.
His tee shirt slowed and stopped,
The perfusement of the bleeding.
They huddled in compassion, for each others liabilities.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved