The Edge

The dark clouds of night have made their appearance.
As the people sleep, the little old man is awake.
As night grows older the day is near, he remembers his past.
The last sip of caffiene is taken and he is remembered no more
For now his son must remain and remember the legacy.
The struggle of his power of life and gain the sanity that he needs to make it.
In his life will come instants of glory, fame and wealth.
Knowing death is close he must pick another.
To keep the power machine going, until the new frontier has made its way into all phases of life for all to keep.
The nights are going,
His time is leaving.
Who will carry out the final phase of the plan to have mankind clouded out for their purpose of keeping life on the edge.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved


You can see all my struggle.
A pain through my eyes and brain.
Day in,
Day out.
Night and night out.
Waiting for the train to step out.
Why do you stay with me?
All I came with is what you see.
All my confusion you can't see.
Where I am blessed you won't go.
Day in.
Day out.
And on and on.
I'm the man and you're my guide.
Don't know when to fight or when to catch the next flight.
Where is my mind when it's not on you?
Where is my mind when it's not on you?
As we climb each days hills.
With all the rules disobeyed.
Why do you stay?
Why do you stay?
The nights you cried, the days I wined.
Day in,
Day out.
Night in,
Night out.
Why does the time seem so short?
Half my life spent in flight.
What's the question I want to hear?
All you see is my strife.
Seconds pass with the pain.
I may not walk with a cane but, I got the answer from which you came.
I'll stop being the heel.
Day in,
Day out.
Night in,
Night out.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Down That Road

I am learning to crawl.
down that road.
Struggling with the whores.
You built with pay doors.
Now I can't see what is happening to me.
Challenging me to a duel of the mind and soul.
You keep coming up with all the tricks to enjoy the pain.
Making me wonder why I am still here.
Clinging to your heart and thinking if we should stay apart.
You tell me of the sun and the trees and everything that is nothing to me.
I am learning to crawl, down that road.
On a journey of never-before with you.
Closing my eyes to what you were, never seeing the pink and the blue.
Learning to crawl, down that road.
I am learning to crawl, down that road.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Looking For Grave Sites

It was a day that I would have trouble forgetting.
Perceptions changed with a blink of an eye.
Each to leave their own bizarre scars.
The boy couldn't walk.
He even hesitated to breathe.
He would lay in the street for what seemed an eternity.
My car came to a stop, to the combined view.
The mother's screams was the hardest to endure.
Countless minutes at the intersection, lost in a haze of destruction.
Outside the tavern she made her first appearance, to the mess.
Her start of the engine would end his life.
The cars interwined like a capital "T".
The impact threw the child in the line of traffic.
Too sudden for a reaction,
With the old man's impaired vision.
Hitting the lad before my horrified sight.
My fright stalled me from yelling.
It was if the largest boulder landed on my chest and it stopped me from exhaling.
Nothing can help you to except the sight of the dying.
In stages I got the courage to step forward, to try to help in any way.
Speachless at first, I encountered the families.
Over hearing the father announcing the events to the cop.
" That drunken idiot rammed my car. My only child, my son lays on the street dying!
She's over there waiting to get back into the bar.
I'm not lying that is her exact words."
I sat and watched the EMS crew deserately attempt to revive the boy.
The mothers's primal scream echoed.
As they covered the body and deposited it into the ambulance.
'Tony!" she yelled.
The wreckers arrived pulling the twisted metal apart.
That were once called cars.
I glanced at her as she was failing all the sobriety tests.
My vision was the next to fail as I was overtaken to the moments.
I've never seen anyone pass away in front of my own eyes,
it took a terrible effect on me.
The first thing I noticed was the new envirnoment of the hospital room.
The kind nurse saying, "Oh your gonna be alert and awake for us now?"
A thousand questions followed but most of them I didn't understand being thick in the haze.
My brain seemed to swell with each pulse of pain.
Wait a minute, That's all that I can Feel!
"NURSE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!?" I released as a town crier.
She explained that the EMS crew had brought me in and told her that I fell and hit my head first on the traffic signal post and
then right onto a broken beer bottle and it wedged its way into my head and part of my brain.
This is the most helpless I have ever felt.
The pain killer started to take its effect finally.
Watching my body transform and dissove into a skelton of dripping hot flesh twisting the dropping to the floor.
Seeing my friends and family horrified at the sight of me.
Still aware at that point I was apart of the living.
In a state of animation, trying to explain to them that I was real, alive and wanting to be.
In front of the trail of rotted flesh as I walked closer to them only to have to make more steps.
From this he never awoke.
I his brother stand in the graveyard, wishing it would not have been.

Copyright 1997
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved