Mephesto's Travels

The collisions combine twisted orbs of fleshed out metal.
His heart racing, digging through the shattered absence of life.
A gunshot rang.
The body failed, struggling for an exit.
Laughing turning diabolical.
Officers coming and going.
He rose up again to freedom and life.
Anticipation grew with the light of day.
Hallucinating yesterday to bring himself to identify his family.
Taking each step and trying to delay the task.
The unveiling of the body parts began.
The odor stalled his reactions.
The scars that couldn't be seen lead him away.
Whispers came to his mind.
Where am I to go to tonight?
I can't believe that I am still here with all this tragedy around.
What am I to be and where am I to go?
Hello father answer me!
One last glance and I must leave, for my own bit of privacy.
Let me go and let me see the view of the street.
The trouble you see is my car was my house for these years counting three.
I've been running from the Gulantees.
Where am I to go tonight?
Which cancer can I live with,
seeing my family move to a new house in the cemetery or being a good son and following in my father's footsteps
And making it be.
Where am I to go tonight?

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Careful Actions

Gothic pictures of love and hate rise from the dark of night.
Ready to take their places in the line of discovery.
Rambling and roaring as they peer upstream to the lands of memories of futures past.
Following destiny as they must, reaching for the realm of fame and fortune.
Caring for the people they meet to have the creations of new freedom to explore.
And now mixing with the winds of the midnight air.
Moving towards the goal they were meant for.
Realizing that they must be used to live, they deepen in the existence of being.
In these depressed times,
Some must rise and some must fall.
Each trying to hold their own.
In many ways they are the same.
Dragging along their own bizzare scars.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Roller Coaster

Why are you still listening ot my mortal cries.
I am living on a roller coaster.
But the beauty has another name.
And no one can fix this damnation alone.
As we walk by and by to slowly forget yesterday's sorrows.
Stop everything for a moment and think of the time.
Cuz' there's no one to forgive.
All we need is room to breathe.
I'm living on a roller coaster.
But the ride is so smooth.
With all the days complications, this lid is for you.
Now that you are with the sun riding on a ray.
I never got to tell you anything about the moon.
Life is like a roller coaster, each ride can only be so sweet.
Hold all the reservations it's my time to fly.
There is a power line that took my tune away.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
all rights reserved

Sped Three: John

Misery has a thousand joys.
Only one must die before we can feel a change.
You can relive a scene many times and not see what it is.
But we are on the trail.
Where no one can bail us out.
Everything comes down to everything.
The plateau is just past the horizon.
But not clearly visible. Before you can begin again like most things,
closure to the past must take place.
To remember can set you free, to forget will only put you back.
Every trail has to split paths.
Forgiving is half the battle.
To Triumph you must have a conscience.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reseverd