I macerated the pictures to just one view.
From many scenes of last night.
Each in their own glory and depth.
A different hue rose up in the air.
Obliterating small bits and parts.
Green with an overdose.
Passing for a blue, a short car ride away.
Empty then full;
Exhausted in the madness,
I walked to the stop lights to watch the colors change.
Blinking in the night sky, meaningless to the masses.
It's hard to try to stay sober when you are crossroading.
I lay there able to feel everything but not able to move.
It's like having the facts but not the knowledge.
The teeth with their own kind of pain.
Pass out the Dramamine I'm not ready for this flight.
Especially the hang time with the priest.
All I should have done is read the labels right and make the signs line up.
When I make the pile in the ashtray grow.
It seems to stop the time in its flow.
You see this is only a vision in diguise.
Everyone has their own personal limit, once you cross it,
like the old time saying you can't go back.
It must stop or stop you in the process.
It makes the choice after you have crossed the line.
The disease;
You can no longer solve it with a hand full of animal crackers and a glass of milk.
Each day is going to be a struggle and the cravings hide out in many places.

Copyright 1997
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Useless Nooses

Raising nooses as nonsence.
Forgetting how to speak.
Wishing you knew how again.
Darkened by what you are with and without.
The emptiness hardens you still.
Bringing the bridge too far never to use.
Trying to distance the wall.
Burying the deeds of yesterday.
Hiding behind the memories next to the door.
Never to find the way to a new.
Using materials to set you to freedom never reachable.
Calculating the temperture;
Settling for the best and keeping the spoils.
Evaluating the climates all around.
Begging the world to be understood.
Bitterly enraged in the battle of being yourself.
Fulfilling no ones' expectations not even your own.
Dreaming your way out.
Embroiled with your past harmonies.
Searching for the battles only reached in your head.
When realized that they can never really happen out in reality.
Harping in the mistakes of the day to no avail.
Using teh pain of others to justify your darkness of the world.
Clinging free of the happiness used by all to satisfy life and its meaning.
With webs of truth and falseness to regulate the night into day.
Always hoping to gain the splender.
Reaching boredom faster as each moment passes by and adds age to yourself imposed sentence.
Stopping the caring feelings long ago.
Disenbowing the creatures invented to save the history of the family.
Having no time to spare the willingness of the over excited feeling used for the ego.
Depriving the body and mind of the nutrients needed to cope.
Striving to find the conclusion required to deviate away from the normal arena.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved


Sitting on a fence with no defense from the familes lies.
Separated from your partner of twenty years, waiting to die.
All you can and want to do is cry.
Without any disguise yor family walks in tells you your leaving to go to a very nice home without her.
Tearing us apart for no reason than our age.
Just as the discussion started I already had no power.
The love that I and Lila shared wouldn't compare.
Turning my eyes to a glare I could see the setting sun, against me.
Living is fun when you have your own choices.
She only lived forty more days.
I hope your are glad because I am mad.
Not able to be let to go to her funeral.
I remember my eldest son told me, "Get in the Van!"
While seeing my checkbook balance in his hands.
I didn't and haven't spoke to him since.
Our last hugs;
It doesn't matter who you love it always sets you free.

Copyright 1996
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved