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ZoerMark's Complex has been open Since
October 8, 2000

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Last updated October 8th, 2000

The background music is an original compostion by Troy Martin
By Author's request it is not to be redistributed in any form and by any matter
Without prior permisson of it's creater

For those that have visited here before
You may have noticed the new look and content of this page.
Unfortunately after three wonderful years of providing midi files
for all that enter. I have had no other option, but to shut the doors of
ZoerMark's Midi Web Site. Because of the Witch Hunt of the American Recording Industry
And their efferts to stop the flow of free music on the net in any form
I have had to shut the doors.
I want to thank all of the great and wonderful visitors over the last three years.
As Well as all of the support that I have received from them.

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