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TV Themes

Airwolf Theme

Babylon Five Theme

Batman Theme

Battle Star Galatica Theme

Baywatch Theme

The Brady Bunch Theme

Dark Shadows Theme

Faulty Towers Theme

The Flintstones Theme
Sequenced By GaryWoo1

Friends Theme

Gilligan's Island Theme

Mark Snow - Hart To Hart Theme

Sequenced By Neil Strawbridge

Hawaii Five-0 Theme

The Alfred Hitchcock Show Theme

I Dream Of Jeannie Theme

Johnny Quest Theme
Original Series
Sequenced By Garyw001

Law And Order Theme

Late Night With David Letterman Theme

M*A*S*H Theme
Sequenced by Eric Elliot

Married With Children Theme

Miami Vice Theme

Millenium Theme

Mork And Mindy Theme
Sequenced By GaryWoo1

The Muppet's Show Theme
Sequenced By Robert Tubb

Northern Exposure Theme

The Odd Couple Theme

Pink And The Brain Theme

Sanford & Son Theme

Seinfeld Theme

The Simpsons Theme

Barry Gray - Space 1999 Theme
Sequenced by G. Trihart and Neil Strawbridge

Twin Peaks Theme

Barry Gray - UFO Theme
Sequenced By Neil Strawbridge

Wild Wild West Theme
Sequenced By Frank Wilson

X-Files Theme

X-Men Theme

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Movie Themes

Aliens Theme

Escape From New York Theme

Hacker's Theme

Halloween 98 Theme
Sequenced By Joe Rock

The Living Day Lights Theme

The Lost World Theme

Jaws Theme By John Williams
Sequenced By JThor

Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express Theme
Sequenced by Bob Frazier

Mortal Combat Theme

The Rock Theme

The Theme To The Saint By Orbital

The Terminator Theme

Trainspotting Theme by UnderWorld

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